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Q: What is the importance of energy conservation?

A: Energy conservation plays a very important role because utilization of non-renewable resources also impacts our environment. Given that more that 50% of the American society cannot afford the cost of renewable energy/solar panels, the Electrical Energy Enhancement/Speed Joule is the best alternative to such issue.

Q: What are the benefits of energy conservation?

A: Energy conservation reduces emissions of greenhouse gas from fossil fuels. There are different benefits of energy conservation like lower utility bills and allows you to save the high costs of electric bills. Being energy efficient is doing more work using less energy; this is beneficial to you and your environment.

Q: What is energy efficient and its meaning?

A: Efficient energy use, sometimes simply called energy efficiency, is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. For example, insulating a home allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. Its meaning is simply, using less energy to provide the same service. For example, a compact fluorescent bulb is more efficient than a traditional incandescent bulb as it uses much less electrical energy to produce the same amount of light. Thus, installing an Electrical Energy Enhancement/Speed Joule unit on your home or business will allow the same service to continue work but using less electrical energy and enhance the quality while simultaneously saving you money.

Q: What are the benefits of energy efficiency?

A: An efficient building maintains moderate temperatures, low humidity and increased air quality. Plus energy efficient buildings use less energy and cost less to operate and produce fewer greenhouse gasses, which is good for you and the environment.

Q: What is energy efficiency?

A: When we use less energy, the less energy we need to generate at power plants, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the quality of our air. Energy efficient solutions can reduce the energy bill for many homeowners and businesses. The Electrical Energy Enhancement/Speed Joule unit guarantee 10 to 30 percent.

Q; Why is energy efficiency important for the environment?

A: As you improve the energy efficiency of your home, you need less electricity and thus rely less on carbon-intensive power plants. This reduces your home's demand from the plant, which in turn benefits the environment by reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.

Q; What is Power Factor?

A: The ratio of the actual electrical power dissipated by an AC circuit to the product of the r.m.s. values of current and voltage. The difference between the two is caused by reactance in the circuit and represents power that does no useful work.

Q: What is Power Factor Correction?

A: Power factor correction of linear loads. A high power factor is generally desirable in a power delivery system to reduce losses and improve voltage regulation at the load. Compensating elements near an electrical load will reduce the apparent power demand on the supply system.

Q: What are the advantages of power factor correction?

A: The following are the merits and benefits of improved Power factor; Increase in efficiency of system and devices. LowVoltage Drop. Reduction in size of a conductor and cable which reduces cost of the Cooper.

Q: Why power factor correction is necessary?

A: Improving the Power Factor (PF) can maximize current-carrying capacity, improve voltage to equipment, reduce power losses, and lower electric bills. ... PF correction capacitors act as reactive current generators. They help offset the non-working power used by inductive loads, thereby improving the power factor.

Q: What is the use of power factor correction?

A: By optimizing and improving the power factor, power quality is improved, reducing the load on the electricity distribution system. PFC equipment achieves a decrease in the total amount of electrical demand by using a bank of capacitors to offset an inductive load (or reactors if the load is capacitive)

Q: How do I save money using this/these units?

A: Your savings are due to the units design to correct Power Factor, which produces more energy efficiency. You use less power for the same amount of power needed to run your establishment, home, office, commercial location, etc.

Q: If I purchase these units will see guaranteed saving of 10% to 30% savings regardless of my usage?

A: You will see guaranteed saving of 10% to 30% of provided that your usage is constant.If you increase your energy usage; of course your cost will increase. You will have those savings still due to the fact that if you did not have the units you would see an increase of 10% to 30% on your bill.

Q: Can I install the units myself?

A: It is extremely highly recommended that a licensed electrician install the units and this also protects the manufactures warranty.

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Life Is Energy, Energy Is Life.

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